Answers to your FAQs

I have a pet that isn’t listed, does that mean KW Tails will not meet my needs?

As long as your pet is legal in Canada and not a farm animal, then KW Tails can help.  Contact us to discuss your unique pet.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I will walk up to 6 dogs at a time, however, it depends on your request and the personality of the dogs

I want to ensure that pack dynamics are safe for your animal and me.

Are you First Aid trained?

You bet!  I completed a comprehensive First Aid and Cat/Dog CPR course provided by Walks 'N' Wags

Are you insured?

Yes, KW Tails and your pet are protected by PROfur Insurance.

What happens during a New Client Consultation?

All new pets must have a new client consultation.  This is a complimentary service and ensures that all pertinent information is collected and keys can be obtained.  This is also a chance for your pet to be introduced to KW Tails.  Some pets can be timid or defensive if a stranger enters your home when you’re not there.


For first time dogs, you, your dog and KW Tails will go for a brief walk in your neighbourhood so that I can assess your dog’s temperament and habits when walking.  This is also another chance for your dog to become more comfortable with the walker.


I'll also take some time to gather some information about you and your pet.

What's the difference between dog walking and in-home dog visiting?

During walks, KW Tails will arrive at your home and your dog will be taken on a 30 or 60 minute walk in your neighbourhood.  Once returned safely home, I'll top up your dog's water bowl, lock up your house and send a photo and summary of your pet’s latest adventure.


During an in-home visit your dog will   get a bathroom break in thier own yard, receive fresh water and food (if necessary). and spend some time socializing.  Then I'll lock up your house and send a photo and summary of your pet's visit.

Will you provide training for my dog?

KW Tails is not a trainer and cannot train new behaviours or tricks.  However, I will maintain your current training habits on solo walks (sitting when stopped, waking with a loose leash, etc).

Where do you go for group walks? 

It depends on the location of the dogs for that group.  Generally, we'll find a fun and safe park or trail for the pack to go.

What if I don't come home when I'm expected to?

If you have unexpectedly been kept at work, missed a flight, or are stuck in traffic, and know your pet is anxiously awaiting your return, call KW Tails to arrange a last-minute pop-in visit to meet your pet’s most immediate needs.
I will do our best to ensure that your pet is taken care of.

What if there's an emergency with my pet?

I will first try to contact you by phone.  If you are unavailable we will contact the emergency contact provided.  If the owner(s) and emergency contact are unreachable in the event of an emergency, I will seek immediate veterinary care for your pet by your regular veterinarian or an emergency vet if necessary.
All costs in connection with veterinary treatment shall be the responsibility of the pet owner.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or electronic transfer.

When do I pay for my services?

Payment for a single service can be made before the service, or within 24 hours of completing the service.  Payment for 10 Pack Bundles must be paid in advance.

Do you charge tax?

No, all prices listed include tax.

How do I get started?

Start by sending me an email or giving me a call and I'll answer any questions you might have and set up some time to meet.